V/eSIM solution for consumer devices.

Power consumer electronics with Valid’s embedded solution.

All over the world, several MNOs are already powering the eSIM Connectivity for consumer electronics. By 2024, ABI Research estimates there will be 2.5 billion eSIM-ready consumer devices in the market. That means many Smartwatches, PCs and tablets, wearables as well as smart homes gadgets and many more daily electronics will be release in the coming years smarter than ever before.

Based on the latest version of the GSMA SGP 22 specification, Valid’s mioSIM eUICC Consumer Devices and eReach Subscription Management SM-DP+ solution, can connect your consumer’s electronics on an end-to-end basis.

Device & Subscription Management

Valid solution helps OEMs and MNOs to manage devices and mobile subscriptions throughout their entire lifecycle.


We identity and authenticate a mobile subscription into the network, helping connections become more resistant to security breaches.


Valid’s solutions are secure, scalable and customized features to bring more reliability to the entire mobile ecosystem.


Product Details

Valid’s Machine to Machine (M2M) SIMs support this IoT market growth and its applications for metering, remote subscription management, and data monitoring for a variety of sectors.

M2M SIMs authenticate machines and protect long-term data sharing across networks in extreme conditions, answering the biggest industry challenges. Combined with operating system intelligence, it’s a powerful tool for long-lasting wireless communication projects.

Multiple physical characteristics to choose from:

Valid’s mioSIM M2M is available in multiple form factors and grades to better suit different M2M projects requirements:

Supported form factors and grades:


Solution’s Benefits

Learn how Valid’s mioSIM eUICC for Consumer Devices can
improve user experience and the lifespan of connected devices.

eSIM (R)evolution

V/eSIM is revolutionizing the mobile economy, simplifying lifestyles and accelerating the use of IoT.


We offer simplicity, cloud security, unprecedented flexibility, global scale, operating with an endless range of mobile devices and networks.

Streamline Scalability

With Valid’s eSIM solution consumers can benefit of service plan flexibility, improved device functionality and lower costs.

High Performance

Valid brings its expertise in sensitive data generation and secure personalization services to deliver high performance, be GSMA compliant and offer worldwide coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT networks.


Valid’s eSIM for consumer solution allows seamless management of network evolution, keeping consumer devices continuously connected, and updated and helping to reduce network congestion to make way for new innovative devices.


Learn more about Valid’s mioSIM eUICC for Consumer solution.

Improve logistics by eliminating SIM switching costs
No more commercial restrictions with a single MNO contract
Compliant with new regulations
Future-proof consumer devices as it simplifies remote updates
Improve flexibility and agility in selecting MNO services
Streamline logistics for OEMs and MNOs
Promote cost efficiency for consumers

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